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Parlez-vous français?

Grace App version 2.1.1 is now available on iTunes and this update includes New languages: French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Brazillian Portuguese or English [read more…]

What do you mean “Non-verbal” we are already communicating!

If there is one thing that really annoys me it is when people who do not speak in audible words are not being listened to. And by that I mean that the needs, interests and rights of the “non-verbal” are being overlooked. [read more…]

Steve’s Got a Golden Ticket

Grace App Developer and all round iWizard Steve Troughton-Smith caught a bus up to Belfast last night, to queue overnight for the new iPhone 5: [read more…]

Review of Chatbag: Making iPad truly mobile

After 18 months, many failed purchases and home sewing attempts, I have finally found a way to make the iPad a genuinely mobile communication device [read more…]

How to get Grace App

There are a lot of families that could benefit from trying out the Grace App – but they need the device to use it.
It is a big commitment for a family who may have limited means, and a lot of demands on their income due to the pressures of raising a child with Autism. [read more…]

ABC Radio Melbourne Interview with Lisa Domican, creator of Grace App

A home video montage of Gracie using her Grace App set to the background of a radio interview I did in Australia in February 2011. [read more…]

Gracie’s own voice

Why I wanted to prompt Gracie to use her own voice with the pictures to support her.. [read more…]

Review of Visual Schedule App by Good Karma

My friend Andra, a mom of 2 children on the Autism Spectrum with great organisational needs has reviewed the new visual planner app from Good Karma, the makers of my personal favourite:  First, Then. [read more…]

Grace App on Autism Hangout

You can watch us now on Autism Hangout’s excellent “Apps for Autism” Series featuring the wonderful Moms *and DADS* With Apps.

Please check out the entire series as it will help explain which Apps suit which needs and what device might be an appropriate first purchase. [read more…]

I Want YOUR iPhone

Upgrading your iPhone? Donate your old one & help teach a child with special needs to talk.

[read more…]

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