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How to say where it hurts.

When my Boo was a little boy and we didn’t yet know he has autism, he used to get rampant tonsillitis,

[read more…]

Grace App on for Accessibility: now with “Tap to Speak” option on Apple’s App Store

Did you know that Grace App is the most affordable “Tap to Speak” Picture Exchange Communication App on the Apple App Store? [read more…]

My child has started saying words, so why should I keep prompting them to use an App?

When you use Grace App consistently you might find that the user starts to say single words independently, without needing the prompt. Your joyous reactions should be paired with extra tangible reinforcement: an extra big slice of the “cake” or crisps or chocolate or a longer turn on the computer if that is what they are requesting… [read more…]

Everybody has a right to be heard.

This is the TED Talk I gave last month at TEDx Dublin. [read more…]

Steve’s Got a Golden Ticket

Grace App Developer and all round iWizard Steve Troughton-Smith caught a bus up to Belfast last night, to queue overnight for the new iPhone 5: [read more…]

Gracie’s own voice

Why I wanted to prompt Gracie to use her own voice with the pictures to support her.. [read more…]

Good Coffee, Chocolate and Wine Please

I actually wrote the title for this post on my “In Case of Emergency/Dietary Requirements” form for a residential workshop I attended last month. [read more…]

What Do You Mean Non-Verbal? We Are Already Communicating!

If there is one thing that really annoys me it is when people who do not speak in audible words are not being listened to. And by that I mean that the needs, interests and rights of the “non-verbal” are being overlooked.

That’s why I feel passionate about creating a simple means of communication that incorporates independent choice which can be universally understood. Because it is much harder to discriminate against someone who has the ability to tell tales. [read more…]

Everybody Communicates, Let’s Just Change How

How does your child communicate? A lot of people will refer to children with autism as “non-verbal” meaning they can’t talk in recognisable words.They might then explain that they use signs, or pictures or other augmentative means.┬áSomeone just sent me an article about a girl who had supposedly just ‘started” communicating via a keyboard – “She had Found Her Inner Voice[read more…]

Point, Pause, Prompt, Praise and Reward

When I developed Grace App it was to be an extension of an already successful and highly effective method of prompting and supporting communication using printed and laminated pictures.

However, it seems that some of you have skipped the printers, laminators and velcro books and come straight to Grace App, without the basic training in introducing the Power of the Picture.

So here is an easy guide to follow on from your Six Steps to Success. [read more…]

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