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Grace App Communications on iPad2

Here’s a lovely new video about using the Grace App on an iPad2 made by Grace App Developer Steve Troughton-Smith.

For your interest, it explains how a person might request a specific DVD featuring our favourite little red monster, ask for help with choosing a chapter on the player, request a snack and a drink using the features built in to the App. In essence the idea is to explain how Grace App gets you whatever you want.

One response to “Grace App Communications on iPad2”

  1. Joe J Parker says:

    I am a new user of the iPad and Grace. I have the Grace app installed. However I am not sure how to use it properly. Also, I wuld like to load the pictures I initially took for the old PECS binder, I have the piucture in my picture library on my PC.

    How do I get the pictures/photos from my PC to the Grace App in my iPad?

    Is ther manual or tutoral for new iPad and new grace App users?

    My goal is to introduce my son to PECs on the iPad phase II: Presistence and Distance; to be more assertive in requesting and getting his wants and needs met; more verbal communication too.

    Thanks a million in advance!

    Joe & Erick Parker

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