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Grace App for Communication training workshop in Dublin, Ireland

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Grace App Training Details:

Date: 24th October 2017  from 19.00 – 21.30 PM

Location: Adam & Friends, Unit 10b 4 Stadium Business Park

Ballycoolin Road, Dublin 11

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Many people with speech delay use pictures attached to a board to ask for what they need or say how they feel. These boards are stored in a book which the user carries around with them. Even when they begin to speak, they may be difficult to understand, so they rely on a growing picture vocabulary which can become very unwieldy.

Training Details

Training is presented by Lisa Domican. As the mother of a little girl with autism with few words but a lot of pictures, Lisa wanted to keep encouraging her speech development, but wanted to be sure she always had the pictures she needed, wherever she went. So she created the Grace App for Communication.

Lisa Domican Mum and Trainer

The full Grace App Workshop lasts for 2 hours with a half hour for questions. There will be a break in the middle where you can meet other attendees and have a cuppa and a snack. Its always good to meet others who are in the same situation as you.

Attendees will learn:

1. The Six Steps to setting up Grace App as an Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) system.
Alternative Communication Strategies:
2. Saying No/ and Wait
3. Teaching First, Then
4. Differential Reinforcement
5. Asking for Help (Replacing inappropriate behaviour)
6. Tell me Where it Hurts
7. Shared Attention.


Here is what a recent attendee had to say about a Workshop:

I’m already familiar with the Grace App but I’ve yet to use it to its full potential. So I was really looking forward to hearing how exactly to implement the app in this workshop at Glenveigh Special School given by the lady herself, Grace app developer Lisa Domican.

Lisa is incredibly easy to listen to; she’s dynamic, witty and most importantly, she knows her stuff. Using a very engaging presentation, she took us through why she developed Grace, what she wanted to achieve by creating the app and then – how to use it. By interspersing the instructional with genuine examples of how she uses the app with her daughter, the idea of using an app and an iDevice became far less scary for those who may be apprehensive of swapping their PECS book for a high-tech option.

Lisa was also able to pass around iPod and iPad cases as examples of the best way to carry the device so it is a fully accessible communication system.
Any question asked was answered in a down to earth and clear manner and questions and queries were welcomed throughout the workshop, which I always appreciate.  And Lisa is an avid listener; she has listened to parents throughout the development of the app and included their suggestions in subsequent updates.
If you are a parent of a ‘non verbal’ child, a teacher or a Special Needs Assistant and you are thinking of purchasing an app to help improve, enhance or inspire communication then I highly recommend the Grace app.  It’s not overcomplicated and incredibly user friendly, which is exactly what, I want from an AAC type app. I don’t want to give up before I even begin.

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