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Gracie and the Lifeproof Fre cover for iPad Mini

This is Gracie out and about with her iPad mini. As you can see, Grace looks like any other teenager, walking around with her very cool device. This is so important to me. All the extra help she needs with communication can be stored discreetly on the iPad Mini and it is up to Grace, how much she wants to share it.

Grace selecting a treat on her iPad mini

Dignity is a big part of why I wanted to create the Grace App. I loved PECS, it gave my daughter a way to get what she wanted, but after a while that book of cards can become really bulky and unattractive. It is also a bit stigmatising. Gracie CAN communicate a lot of things independently without pictures, so why should she have to carry around something that makes her look “different” whether she needs to use it or not?

So this is why Gracie has always used an iPhone in the past. We developed the App using the features of the iPhone and she had no trouble with the size of the screen. When she got older it was very useful to use a Sim card that gave us access to mobile internet when we were out and about.

Lately we have been having battery issues as the iPhones got older and I am not in a position to upgrade my own, let alone get her a new one. For a while she was using 2 iPhones (my last upgrade and her Daddy’s old phone) and keeping one in the charger while she used the other. But she can get obsessive about which one she uses;understandable when you don’t have the language to ask for specific videos or pictures that you miss.

I decided that we would switch her over to using my iPad mini, which has 3G capability so we can still use the internet when we want to.

So when Lifeproof  became part of the family at, I was delighted to get a sample of their very light, but very sturdy and waterproof “Fre” cover for iPad Mini to try.

Fre cover is on the right. The orange one on the left is a flotation cover for boating. We use it to protect against biting!

It has full screen protection and screencover and case fit very tightly so it does not interfere with touch sensitivity. It also has a built in Lanyard!!


 There are 4 slots to choose from and an adjustable black ribbon lanyard that you can fit or remove.


Lanyard fits discreetly across one shoulder and is fully waterproof when sealed.

The cover is really light so it does not add too much to the weight of the device, as some covers do, and it is really attractive.

Screen smashes and water damage seem to be the two major causes of destruction of our mobile communication devices in Autism World. The cases cost between €99.99 and €120 depending on size of iPad but hey,

you will pay more than that for ONE screen repair if you don’t use protection!

Asking for a Cadbury Snack in our local park. As you do.

You can actually see chocolate schmutz on the screen cover. Easily wiped off without damaging screen.

*CompuB now have these in stock in their stores in Ireland for €89.99 for mini. Go to their website to check CompuB

You can also buy them in Apple stores world wide or online. Check with Lifeproof

2 responses to “Gracie and the Lifeproof Fre cover for iPad Mini”

  1. James roberts says:

    I’m curious about the iPad case you are using. Our 6 year old daughter with ASD is very dependent on her iPad for all communication, so clearly we need to protect her iPad. The problem we have with most cases is that she loves to chew any thing that’s rubber. She has destroyed more cases then one iPad is worth! Lol so we have been looking for a case that has its shock proof rubber inside versus an outer wrap. I’ve seen this case online but not in store to hold and look at, I’m just wondering what the construction of the case is without the life jacket on. Any info about it would be appreciated and any other suggestions you may have would also be great!

    Thanks again
    James Roberts

    • Lisa says:

      I use Lifeproof and Otterbox. My son is a chewer & picker and I’ve found it expedient to use a chatbag over any cover that has silicone/rubber outer. The Lifeproof ‘nuud’ seals around it completely and is impossible to get off but has no screen cover. It’s completely shockproof though, I’ve thrown it around on hard floors. But if a child was inclined to be too rough pressing or banging screen, can’t be confident it wouldn’t crack.

      I use Otterbox defender or Griffin survivor in that case but with Chatbag over the top.
      My son actually has iPad 1 so his Otterbox defender has to last as they’re not made anymore. Just got him a new chatbag. I’ll photo and email it to you.

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