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I Want YOUR iPhone

Upgrading your iPhone? Donate your old one & help teach a child with special needs to talk.

The GRACE App for iPhones helps children communicate but they need iPhones, iPod Touch or iPads to do it.

There are a lot of expenses involved with having a child or adult with autism and often purchasing an apple device just to be used for communicating with Grace App can be really difficult.

So if you’re upgrading, please think about donating your old iPhone to us.

Phone Lisa Domican: 0860486249 or email:

Give yourself a good feeling when you upgrade to the newest model;  and help someone with Autism or Special Educational Needs learn to talk

4 responses to “I Want YOUR iPhone”

  1. Olwyn says:

    Id like to donate an old iphone that i have, where do i send it to?

  2. Brian Bowers says:


    I heard about your work on the radio and I want to send you my old Iphone 4.
    Please let me know address to send it.

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