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iPod Touch 4G with Otter Box Defender Series Case

A lovely lady wrote to me last week after downloading Grace App for her very cute son Malachi. She had some problems putting a lanyard onto the Otterbox case, so I sent her a few pictures of what I do with the iPhone 3 (which I use) and she not only fixed the problem but came back with this wonderful guide to setting up an Otterbox defender on the new iPod Touch, with a lanyard.

This means that the user of Grace App can take their communication support everywhere and not just be limited to the desktop or highly supervised situations.*

“I’ve purchased an ipod touch generation 4 and an otterbox defender case to match.  Both arrived today.  The case is different to the one in your picture.  I think it’s a newer version and I don’t know how I would attach a lanyard.  Have you heard from anyone else with this problem? If so, what have they done to get around it?  I really want to get this up and running with grace app before kinder goes back in two weeks.  So far it’s just been set back after set back.

Thanks for everything you’re doing for everyone.”

Mother of Malachi, Age 4, Eastern Victoria.

Guide to putting a lanyard on an otterbox defenderFirst take apart the case. Take note of the small gap at the back between the slot for the power button and opening for camera.

Guide to putting a lanyard on an otterbox defender

Thread the black loop lanyard through the gap.

Guide to putting a lanyard on an otterbox defender The hard shell case should close normally with the iPod Touch 4G inside.

Guide to putting a lanyard on an otterbox defenderThread the lanyard through the camera space on the silicone case.

Guide to putting a lanyard on an otterbox defenderIt doesn’t seem to interfere with the functioning of the Otter Box or iPod Touch.

Guide to putting a lanyard on an otterbox defender
Result! Malachi finally has his Grace app up and running, and is happy about it.

*These pictures and instructions are offered as a guide to anyone who chooses with their own independent free will to use an Otterbox Defender to protect their device and a lanyard to make it accessible. We do not take any responsibility for how individual children get along with lanyards, otterboxes or any iDevice. That’s up to you.

14 responses to “iPod Touch 4G with Otter Box Defender Series Case”

  1. Jeshyr says:

    How strong is the OtterBox case? It looks like a fairly tiny bit of plastic where the lanyard is attached and I would be worried about the case breaking at that spot – has anybody got experience with similar setups and how long they last??

  2. Grace App says:

    I use iPhone 3 g cases Jeshyr and have broken about 20 lanyard threads – but the case has never broken or even opened. It is actually my son Liam who breaks the lanyard threads as he twirls and spins it too tightly. it is not his iPhone though (he is autistic but very verbal)
    The shell case is pretty strong – but it must close firmly or the thread will tear. And the silicone sleeve then keeps the whole thing together. You should watch the video on otterbox site with the guy rock climbing and he drops the iPhone 4.
    I just laugh and say "is that the WORST thing you could do with an iPhone? – meet my kids>>"

    If you are not sure get one on Amazon because they have a good return policy on stuff that doesn't do what it says on the pack.


  3. Jeshyr says:

    Thanks for the info! I had an OtterBox case for my iPod Touch but it was a 2nd Gen so it didn't have a camera. I didn't thread a lanyard on it for fear of breaking the case though – it's good to know it's stronger than I expected!

    The OtterBox case was certainly fantastic protection – I probably dropped the iTouch about once a day for three years and it's still going strong! I posted iTouch and OtterBox off to me given to a nonverbal child last week, since I don't need it any more. So great that something I don't need can potentially change somebody else's life!!!

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  6. Meridith says:

    Any suggestions with doing this to an iPad????

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Meridith – I emailed you but the best option I have come up with is the inCase Field bag that is on the Apple website or in Apple stores. I had to remove and replace the internal frame so I could slide in an iPad1 in Otterbox Defender cover, or the iPad2 in a Griffin Survivor. It took a bit of stitching but I let my very active and autistic 14 year old carry the iPad around like a shoulder bag when we go anywhere that I need to keep him amused. Hope that helps, email me for more

  7. Stumbled…

    I was looking around on Stumble Upon and noticed that a lot of people recommended this…

  8. Linda says:

    What kind of lanyard do I need for a ipod touch 4? Where can I order one?

  9. Lisa says:

    HI Linda, I emailed you but if anyone wants to get a lanyard they just have to write to me via the contact page and I will post you one. As for otterbox defender for iPad. The newest version of the defender for iPad2/3 is a huge improvement and very slick. They obviously listened to feedback and the silicone cover is very tight and will not separate from the hard shell. And it has a built in screen protector. Also attaches with magnets to the front screen cover which doubles as a stand.
    heartily recommended xx

  10. Kelly ball says:

    Hi I’m in the uk and need a lanyard for my son who is 13 non verbal and uses an iPod touch…any ideas ? And what otter box defender case do I need ?

  11. jane says:

    Hi lisa

    just got mini ipad also received lanyards you sent me, thank you. just trying to fit them i have 2 lanyards do i attach both loops to the cace i have threaded one end through, not sure what to do with the other end wheather to loop that through or clip it to the other one?

  12. Suzanne Hendy says:

    Hi Lisa. Am I right in thinking that you send lanyards to grace app users? We have just got an iPad mini with an otterbox defender cover for our 9year old daughter and would like her to be able to carry it around over her shoulder. Is it possible to attach it to the case?

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