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Grace App on Autism Hangout

You can watch us now on Autism Hangout’s excellent “Apps for Autism” Series featuring the wonderful Moms *and DADS* With Apps.

Please check out the entire series as it will help explain which Apps suit which needs and what device might be an appropriate first purchase.

Leave a comment on the Forums if you like it – email me at if you want to know more or perhaps have some constructive suggestions. (like telling me to wear less eyeliner)

Before you ask – Yes, we are working on Category Sorting at the moment and it will be available by the end of November. And Remember – Grace App is purely a Picture Exchange Communication system for prompting and modeling the user’s own voice. 

Craig guided me very expertly through describing exactly what Grace App is for and I should point out it was my first Skype call ever, so any quality issues are at my end.

Thanks Craig for the opportunity. And Lorraine for Everything else.

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