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Grace App Communication is pleased to be able to offer Workshops on the use of Grace App as a means of Independent Communication for people with autism or speech delay as a result of disability or injury.


A comprehensive 2 hour hands on session where participants will learn that all behaviour is communication, and that by following the learner and what interests them, we can introduce an appropriate means of getting what they want.

What you will Learn

The best way to implement an alternative communication system app on an iOS device (iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone) in order to reduce the communicative power of inappropriate behaviours.

To support the independence and mobility of the user in owning their device when it is introduced as an AAC platform and the best way to keep it mobile.

Ways to make the device and App truly relevant to the User while ensuring that it is always prompted in preference to previous methods of getting needs met.

How to introduce alternative communication goals that support a reduction in stress and anxiety for the user and an improved quality of life for everyone concerned.

About the Trainer

Training is presented by Lisa Domican, co-creator of Grace App and mother of Liam and Gracie Domican who both have autism. As a parent, Lisa has had 22 years experience of raising her children with autism and has been attending courses and studying evidence based interventions for the last 20 years. As a mother, Lisa fought to understand her initially non-verbal son Liam, and learned to interact with him using the things he liked most. It was the introduction of a simple picture exchange system that prompted Liam to begin imitating and attempting to say the words on the cards he used to make requests.

However, using the same picture exchange system, Lisa was able to prompt Gracie to begin requesting what she wanted with pictures but unlike her brother, Gracie did not begin to develop speech until she was almost 8 years old.

It was Gracie’s complex picture vocabulary that inspired Lisa to create the Grace App as she wanted to keep prompting Gracie’s independent vocalisations and reward her social interaction.

Having created and launched The Grace App on iTunes in March 2010, Gracie’s personal communication development has improved vastly through consistency of use, and the ability to control her own vocabulary by taking and adding pictures via the app.

It is this personal experience that has inspired Lisa to ensure that everyone, regardless of diagnosis or disability, should be given the right to say what they want.

Testimonials from Previous Workshops


“Very inspirational” – SLT

“Incredible – brought to life how I can use an iPad” Teaching Assistant

“Refreshing no-nonsense parent’s perspective” SLT Tech Officer Oxford, UK.

“Lisa was like the BBC: She informed, she educated and she entertained!” – M.Kelly, Special Needs Assistant

“One of my pupils went from not using her app at home at all (even though she was using it at school) to using it for everything…after Dad attended the Grace App Workshop”. – Susan Duffy, Senior Special Needs Teacher, Little Angels School.

“Training with Lisa on the Grace App opened up the endless possibilities of the App and her vision. To train with some one who actually gets verbal behaviour and lives it everyday made me feel like it was achievable to really connect and communicate with my son.” – Kate, mother of a 9 year old with autism and speech delay, Letterkenny, Ireland.

“Cahir started using the Grace App at school in January and I was nervous about the transition from school to home. Would I be able to properly introduce it at home without setting him back? The school arranged for Lisa to attend and give us parents training in April before the device was sent home. It was amazing. She explained everything so well, I would have been lost without the training.
You don’t just buy a car and start driving, you have to get lessons first on how to drive, so it made perfect sense that I got lessons on how to use the Grace App. I’m a visual learner so things make more sense to me when I can see them working so it was great having Lisa take me step by step through it.
The following evening Cahir brought his Grace App home and we’re doing great now. Cahir can communicate with the whole family, his brothers and sister get such joy out of their brother asking for juice or crisps with the App. He is now telling us what he wants and we are no longer guessing or being lead by the hand. The training was so worth it.
He’s doing great I could just cry on how well he’s doing. The Grace App is the best thing ever to happen to my wee man he’s found his thing and it turns out it’s the Grace App. I can’t thank you enough.”
– Kathleen (Cahir’s mum)

Conferences and Seminars

Bring Lisa to talk to your team at your next conference or seminar and get the benefit of her experience in bringing an idea to fruition and selling it to the world. As a mother of 2 special needs children, Lisa may seem an unlikely candidate for a creating niche product start up. However, her experience in raising her children and securing the support and services they needed, lead her to create a social network of autism advocacy with global reach.

She brings good humor and a lively speaking manner to her presentations which can be tailored to your needs. Lisa draws on personal experience and her ability to overcome challenges to achieve demonstrated success to motivate and engage your audience. She will leave them with no excuse for not going out and being their best.


“Lisa Domican addressed our technology seminar “Using Smartphone Apps in Your Business” in April 2011, to over 80 business owners, detailing her experience of creating and developing the Grace App. Her presentation style was so natural one would think she is a professional public speaker. She has a great ability to clearly describe the practicalities of developing an app, and establishing it as a business, along with conveying the true passion she most evidently has for the Grace App project” – Louise Fleming, Assistant CEO, Wicklow County Enterprise Board.

“Good insight into different behaviours of autism which was based in the real world. Really excellent.”
“Amazing, Well planned, Very impressed with Lisa’s knowledge as a mother.”
“Lisa is very inspiring, very practical and we benefited most from the presenter’s own experience.
Enjoyed the positive approach of presenter – I feel invigorated”
“Resources used were very clear and we enjoyed the Q & A and Anecdotes from presenter.”
“Very well organised, great presenter, loved it and would love to do something like this again.”
– Feedback from Childcare Professionals & Parents attending Dublin City Childcare Committee Social Inclusion Workshop.

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