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Grace App on for Accessibility: now with “Tap to Speak” option on Apple’s App Store

Did you know that Grace App is the most affordable “Tap to Speak” Picture Exchange Communication App on the Apple App Store?

This time last year, Grace was featured on the iTunes “Accessibility” store in the company of some very impressive Apps:

Grace app on Accessiblity

And for good reason, Grace is one of the most accessible, adaptable “User Driven” Apps for communication delay and disability.

Grace app on Accessiblity crop


With the latest update to  Apple’s operating system we were able to create Grace App 3.1,  and it became possible not only to add and edit individual pictures, but to create and edit your own categories; making individualisation much easier.

What a lot of people don’t know is that you can now select “Tap to Talk” and turn your picture exchange communication into a speech generating App. 

Just open up “Settings” on your device, (little grey cog symbol) scroll down until you see the pink Grace App logo and click on that. Then look all the way down through the settings until you see “Tap to Speak” and select it:

Device menuGrace settings menu


If it doesn’t work, be sure to check you have:

a) the latest version installed: 3.1

b) the latest Apple  iTunes software: iOS 8.0 or newer

c) you have de-selected “mute” from your device menu:

Check mute

When you edit or create a new card with your own photo, be sure to add text so that it will “speak” when you touch it too.


As I did with my yummy breakfast on my recent holiday in Spain.



PS. If you too are having a vacation abroad this summer, be sure to install Grace on your iPhone and then set it to the language you need. Grace can be translated into French, German, Spanish, Danish, Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese and then back again. Read more HERE and Bon Voyage.

2 responses to “Grace App on for Accessibility: now with “Tap to Speak” option on Apple’s App Store”

  1. Olivia says:

    Hi there

    I have downloaded the Grace App onto my Samsung S5 from the Android Playstore As per the information on the App, there is a tap to speak option. However, I have followed the instructions and there is no option to do this that I can see.

    Can you let me know where to go from here ?

    Many thanks

    Olivia Murphy

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Olivia, I have just re-read the above blog post on which you commented and I must apologise that I did not make it clear that when I referred to

      “b) the latest iTunes software: iOS 8.0 or newer”

      that it is the Apple operating system. I will edit it now to put that sentence in bold type.

      Yes, Grace App 3.1 on Apple’s iOS 8 will allow you to use Tap to Speak but Android however is still only version 1.0 so no nice extras. We have never covered our original developing costs so there have been no fancy updates.

      If you need a Tap to Speak option, I suggest you contact Google asap and request a refund on the basis that “The App does not work as described”

      Then do a search of the Google play store for Apps that do. The excellent Smart Apps for Kids do a list of Android Apps,

      If you like Grace App and really wanted to use it with “Tap to Speak” then you will need an Apple device I am afraid. A newish one that can run iOS 8 or above so the iPhone 4s, iPad 3 or Air or the newest iPod Touch.

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