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Going on Holidays with Autism

Its that time of year again, in the Northern Hemisphere we are all thinking about, planning and hopefully soon going on holidays.

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Autism 101 Online Training with CATTS Ireland

  • SNAs
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Parents

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Grace App Training on Video Part 1: Everybody Communicates!

Training Video Part 3: Using Grace App to teach functional communication.

Training video part 2: Finding, taking, creating and installing the pictures you need to engage the learner.

How to say where it hurts.

When my Boo was a little boy and we didn’t yet know he has autism, he used to get rampant tonsillitis,

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You can’t always get what you want

Grace App on for Accessibility: now with “Tap to Speak” option on Apple’s App Store

Did you know that Grace App is the most affordable “Tap to Speak” Picture Exchange Communication App on the Apple App Store? [read more…]

Vacation Time – Top tips for traveling with Autism (and Special Needs)

When we have the means, my little Autism family enjoys a trip to Spain for a couple of weeks every year.
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What do you mean “Non-Verbal”? We are already communicating!!

If there is one thing that really annoys me it is when people who do not speak in audible words are not being listened to. And by that I mean that the Needs, Interests and Human Rights of the so called “non-verbal” are being overlooked. [read more…]

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