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Autism 101 Training Workshop with CATTS Ireland

NEXT DATE Thursday April 18th 2019, 11am to 1pm.


  • SNAs
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Parents

Workshop Aims

If you are supporting an individual with Autism in your class, or at home and need a short, to the point, helpful course in order to quickly get to grips with how to support them – Autism 101 will help you.

Workshop Content

This training course will cover:
• What is Autism?
• Flags for Autism
• Autism as a Sensory Disability
• Techniques that help
• Using Visual Supports
• Motivation and Reinforcement
• Modeling
• Inappropriate Behaviour
• Social Stories
• Teaching WAIT

When you attend this course, you will learn what autism is (according to the Mother of two young adults with Autism) and how it affects their children or students in the learning environment.

You will learn ways to help support your pupils, to attend, to organize and to communicate when they need help utilizing simple and affordable techniques such as picture schedules, token rewards, and visual aids.

There will be a chance to discuss actual issues that you may have with your children or students who are autistic, and get some ideas on how to address these issues, in order to make inclusion a positive experience for all.

This is a 2 hour course, however it is usually longer depending on questions and discussion as Lisa is very hands on and immediate with advice and tips to help you in your current situation. (Please try to keep 30 minutes extra free in your schedule after the course end time to avoid disappointment).

Lisa is a mother of two autistic teenagers.

An excellent communicator herself, she saw the importance of giving the power of communication to others who needed it and set about creating the Grace App in early 2010. She has since set up her own company to promote the inclusion of people with autism in the mainstream on their own terms.

According to Lisa ‘My goal is to engage and inform as many educators, therapists, parents, carers and service providers about the importance of independent expression’.

Grace App Training on Video Part 1: Everybody Communicates!

Training Video Part 3: Using Grace App to teach functional communication.

Training video part 2: Finding, taking, creating and installing the pictures you need to engage the learner.

How to say where it hurts.

When my Boo was a little boy and we didn’t yet know he has autism, he used to get rampant tonsillitis,

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You can’t always get what you want

Grace App on for Accessibility: now with “Tap to Speak” option on Apple’s App Store

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Vacation Time – Top tips for traveling with Autism (and Special Needs)

When we have the means, my little Autism family enjoys a trip to Spain for a couple of weeks every year.
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What do you mean “Non-Verbal”? We are already communicating!!

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Grace 3.1

Just in time for our 6th Birthday, Grace App 3.1 is here in the iTunes App store.

Grace App now has Category editing, adding and sorting to truly personalise the App to the user:

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