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Teach Yourself to introduce Grace App for picture communication.

The Grace App Workshop is online to take whenever it suits you. That includes the middle of the night when you might finally have a minute to yourself. Log in, take it in stages and go back to it whenever you want to refresh.

Its me talking and demonstrating in a video with inserts of the actual app.

When you complete the Grace App training you will learn:

1. “Everybody Communicates” and how to identify what your learner is already very interested in communicating, and get ready to set up Grace App”

2. Finding, taking, creating and installing the pictures that you will need to engage the learner and show them how to communicate with Grace App

3. Using Grace App as a personalised tool to teach functional communication that has meaning for the learner.


If you have any questions, I’m available to contact via my Facebook page, email and twitters.


@lisamareedom for Twitter
Facebook:  Lisa Maree Domican Living With Autism
and email:


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