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Guide to Grace App

A comprehensive guide to Grace App is now available for download. It is highly suggested that you read this manual and learn to use the app yourself before giving it to your child, this will really help the learning curve.

Grace App is now available in 7 languages: French, German, Spanish, Danish, Arabic Brazilian Portuguese and English.

If you wish to access the App in a different language, please check your updates to ensure you have the latest version: 2.1.1

Then exit and select device “Settings” then “General” and scroll down to “International” select and then select one of the languages listed above.

The device will then switch to the language you have chosen. Exit and open the Grace App. All installed pictures will be the same but the language will be as selected. If you have customized pictures they will be in the language you saved them in.

See the Manual for more information on customisation, and follow the blog for additional pictures to save and add.

The updated manual is available at Scribd at

You can also view the Grace App manual below.

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