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How to get Grace App

There are a lot of families that could benefit from trying out the Grace App – but they need the device to use it.
It is a big commitment for a family who may have limited means, and a lot of demands on their income due to the pressures of raising a child with Autism.
How You Can Help
If you are considering upgrading your iPhone 3Gs, iPad or iPod Touch Generation 4 – you could think about giving your old one to us. We can restore it to Factory Settings, install the Grace App and donate it to your local Autism School or Community Support Group – for all their members to try.
You can email me on or use our contact form to arrange collection.
You could also help out one of the many families collecting old phones of any kind to recycle in exchange for a new iPad or iPod Touch.
Old mobiles contain precious metals, which are expensive to mine and thanks to the world economic downturn are becoming more valuable every day.
In the U.K. Hearts and Minds a charity with a mission to raise the quality of life of individuals with autism have come up with a scheme to turn old mobiles into new technology like the Apple iPad, while raising funds towards opening an Education Centre For Autism in Greater Manchester.
and here in Ireland; Autism Ireland will let you trade in your old mobile phones and turn it into great technology like an iPod Touch or iPad with a strong cover and a GraceApp iTunes voucher.

In the 32 counties of Ireland, please go to:

or contact:
Geraldine: (to register for the scheme)

Jennefer: if you would like to support a collection in your area. Jenn does all the sharing of campaigns via Facebook.

In the UK, please register through the dedicated mobile phone recycling website

Learn more about the UK campaign on Facebook

or email Candi at


Wherever you are,  we at Grace App want to make sure that everybody regardless of age or disability can have the means to get what they want, so please don’t hesitate to contact me: for a press release and photographs that you can use to get your local community involved in supporting your campaign – Just like Karen and Jack!


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