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The Six Steps to Success with Grace App

The following is a six step guide you can follow for using Grace App with your child or client.

1. Do a Reinforcer Inventory*

Do it Honestly, writing down whatever you know the Client is really interested in. Observe their interests and make a note of all the existing cards in their picture exchange repetoire that are obviously well used.

2. Find, Take, Save and Load on to the app the most preferred items on that List.

If the item is not in the existing picture vocabulary, take photos of actual items, google them on Safari and save them to the device’s album. You can even photograph existing well used cards from their book.

3. Make a commitment contract:**

Remove and Control access to EVERYTHING on your re-inforcer inventory that you can commit to handing over in response to a correct request, 99% of the time for the first 2 weeks***.

4. Take control of the device.

Set up the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad so that you have instructional control of it at all times, and the Client has to approach you in order to use it. Make sure you are competent in operating it and teach back up carers

5. Set up an opportunity to create demand for an item. Offer and then block access, prompting the request on Grace App using your hand to control the client’s hand. Model and prompt the words as you point

6. Hand over the item immediately. Repeat. And Repeat and Repeat!

*For a Reinforcer Inventory; email me at

** For a Commitment Contract; email me at
Get everyone involved with the client’s welfare to agree to support the implementation of Grace App to sign up to building their future potential.

*** After 2 weeks if you have observed the Client taking control of the App to build their vocabulary, you can start to introduce the “No” and “Wait” Cards. Email me for more!

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  1. says:

    Great stuff, I will be referring back to this post!

  2. Maddy says:

    Oh that this kind of technology had been available a decade ago. I am so impressed, well done.

  3. yvonne says:

    i am very impressed look forward to using this with my niece(“,)

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