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Video: What Grace App Does

Below is a short video on some of the features of Grace App.

4 responses to “Video: What Grace App Does”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Useful tool, but not sure how our 3 year old daughter could drive it.

  2. Hammie aka lisadom says:

    Some people use iPods with 3 year olds. I would start with hard copy pecs and invest in the 2 day course to learn the system. If she doesn't move on within 6 months then you could consider investing in an iPod touch. If you are in Ireland you can borrow one of the Irish Autism Action iPhones to try it out. We have them in great quality covers. Just email us at Grace App xx

  3. - Rick ;^) says:

    My son found an iPOD touch in my brief case last yaer, while at a stop light. In half a minute I showed him how to power it up, unlock the screen, run the video payer and get back to the main screen. He took it away from me and has not given it back!

    He has systematically gone through all of the apps and interdependently found YouTube works in some places (where there is Wi-fi). He is able to select a video from a long list, adjust volume, index to preferred scenes, seemed to already know about the headphone jack and on an early field trip insisted that I bring my laptop – so he could charge the iPOD touch! Smart rat!!!

    At school he has had a Vantage Lite for over a year. Around the same time he was struggling to do the finger swipe to keep the screen saver away. After another year he can ape out 12 icons when prompted, but does not seem to know what they are for. Looking through the logs, it seems that he primarily uses the device to ask for water.

    The school program and equipment has cost a fortune. The iPOD touch is inexpensive. The navigation skills transferred to an iPAD immediately. Access to an Apple TV was no big step and he was running NetFlix a minute after he got how to use the remote.

    It seems that many of the assumptions that the school and Speech Augmentation device developer have made are incorrect or somehow misguided.

    It would be great if restaurants were to provide pictographic menus. My son is particular about what he does and does not want. Giving him appropriate, well designed and reliable tools would be a a breath of fresh air!!!

    Grace App looks like a great step towards expanding communications for the masses.

    – Dada_too

  4. Hammie aka lisadom says:

    Thanks Rick. My two kids have no trouble whatsoever with adapting to any Apple device presented to them.

    There is a HUGE opportunity for someone to set up a company where non-autistic people can be taught to use computers and iOS devices, set up an iTunes account, buy apps and install them and then adapt them to the individual needs of their clients.

    Me? I keep touching the screen of my netbook now and wondering why it doesn't move….

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