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Creating “Menu” pages for the visually distracted

Got an email from a Mum this morning asking how to set up “Menu” folders within the food folder for her son who was easily distracted by too many choices. [read more…]

How to get Grace App

There are a lot of families that could benefit from trying out the Grace App – but they need the device to use it.
It is a big commitment for a family who may have limited means, and a lot of demands on their income due to the pressures of raising a child with Autism. [read more…]

ABC Radio Melbourne Interview with Lisa Domican, creator of Grace App

A home video montage of Gracie using her Grace App set to the background of a radio interview I did in Australia in February 2011. [read more…]

Gracie’s own voice

Why I wanted to prompt Gracie to use her own voice with the pictures to support her.. [read more…]

Review of Visual Schedule App by Good Karma

My friend Andra, a mom of 2 children on the Autism Spectrum with great organisational needs has reviewed the new visual planner app from Good Karma, the makers of my personal favourite:  First, Then. [read more…]

Rest in Peace Steve. We will miss you.

Grace App Communication would like to pay tribute to the great Steve Jobs who has passed away at the much too young age of 56. [read more…]

Grace App wins for a Big Idea

Women Mean Business Magazine, WMB,  held its fifth Women Mean Business Conference & Awards last week, designed to recognise the achievements of Ireland’s businesswomen and Grace App won. [read more…]

Good Coffee, Chocolate and Wine Please

I actually wrote the title for this post on my “In Case of Emergency/Dietary Requirements” form for a residential workshop I attended last month. [read more…]

What Do You Mean Non-Verbal? We Are Already Communicating!

If there is one thing that really annoys me it is when people who do not speak in audible words are not being listened to. And by that I mean that the needs, interests and rights of the “non-verbal” are being overlooked.

That’s why I feel passionate about creating a simple means of communication that incorporates independent choice which can be universally understood. Because it is much harder to discriminate against someone who has the ability to tell tales. [read more…]

Grace App Manual Now Available

The final version of the Grace App manual is now available to view on Scribd (you can download it from Scribd too).

If you have trouble downloading or viewing the document, feel free to email me and I can send you a PDF version.

Or you can view the manual embedded below. [read more…]

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