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For those of you that don’t know, I am actually the mother of 2 autistic children; my daughter Grace who inspired and help me create the App and a son called Liam who is 18 months older than Gracie.

Liam is also autistic, but he learned to talk using the Pyramid PECS system with real picture cards, in just 3 months. The pictures were enough for him to be able to “find” and say his words independently and he stopped using the book soon after – so no inspiration for developing Digital Picture Exchange Apps from him!

Liam uses an iPad for entertainment and a Samsung Note II for social communication; answering the phone and telling me what he wants to do basically. He has had behavioural issues in the past and I’ve had to repair or replace a few phones.

All the above makes me a bit of an expert on protective cases and what works in highly challenging situations. So I am going to post up links to my reviews of cases from my personal Autism Blog. These are in reverse order, as we all know how much we learn as we go along!


Disclaimer: Yes, I get sent the covers for free. But my love affair with Otterbox began when I was buying them with my own money. I only contacted the company to ask if I could review them and get samples AFTER I realised they were the biz.

I get sent loads more covers and if I do not like them, I don’t write about them. If I think they are good for other people, I get them to review them.

Proof of Life: Life Proof iPad covers from Otterbox

Lifedge iPad Covers -waterproof and pick proof

Chatbag – for Mobility – suits iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 3.4,4s and the new iPad Mini

G-form by Zismo (did not survive Liam)





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