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Parlez-vous français?

Grace App version 2.1.1 is now available on iTunes and this update includes New languages: French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Brazillian Portuguese or English

When you have updated (or installed Grace App) Simply go to the Device “Settings” and select “General”

Then “International” and select one of the languages: French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Brazillian Portuguese or English.

The device will then set to the language of your choice. Open the App and it will also be in that language.

If you are traveling or you wish to practice more than one language with your Grace App, you can switch languages just by resetting the device. All of your pictures will be saved.


The Grace App can be fully customized to suit where you are traveling and whether you have autism or a speech disability, you can use it to request what you want by sharing it with someone to help you. You might even learn some new words and how to say them!

The App is designed to make it easy to find and save the pictures you will need to be well fed, comfortable and entertained, so be sure to update and ensure you and your loved ones will “Bon Voyage”



2 responses to “Parlez-vous français?”

  1. Marenco Alessandro says:

    I’m interested on your application GRACE in franch language on Android. Could you suggest me te best configuration of the tablet? RAM? Screen dimension? Android Rev 4.x? Other carateristics?
    A. Marenco

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